Hey, you (yeah Y O U)! 

Have you heard? SFU is about to come out with another set of budget consultations. They’re fixing their issues of ineffective student engagement this time — instead of having only one consultation for students, they are going to have only one consultation for students! 

Can you sense our sarcasm? 

Technically, SFU will have three additional consultations that are open to students, but, c’mon — that’s not solving things. If we’re paying for tuition, we deserve to have at least two consultation slots reserved to effectively air our complaints without a) feeling a time restraint, and b) feeling like we’re imposing on the space of other people who are interested in the 2020/21 budget. 

So, what do we do? Well… if SFU won’t make space for us to voice our concerns, we might as well do it ourselves. 


We’ve come up with a survey to ask SFU students what their concerns about tuition are. With the collected information, we will be holding a townhall in October. The SFU administration is letting us down. We need to start taking our future into our own hands. 

By filling out this survey, you are helping us push further on the problems of hight tuition rates.