Two-year tuition freeze for all students. International and domestic. Current and incoming. No exceptions.

Tuition Freeze Now is a diverse team. We are a mix of international and domestic students that come from different levels of study, and we are not willing to budge on our demand for a freeze for all students. It’s all or nothing. There’s no one getting thrown under the bus to shoulder the increase. 

[To SFU] Help us lobby the provincial government for a province-wide tuition freeze. Let’s ask them for more educational funding while we’re at it. 

The “two-year” isn’t a random number, because our end goal isn’t a  tuition freeze for only SFU. We’re thinking bigger — we want a province wide tuition freeze.  With the rate that tuition has been increasing, it won’t be long before university becomes a space for the rich. Is this how we build a healthy society? At Tuition Freeze Now, the answer is simple — hell no