Write a letter to the Board of Governors

Frustrated with tuitions increasing each year? So are we. On March 21, 2019, the Board of Governors at Simon Fraser University will decide whether or not the school gets a 2%-20% tuition increase. Let them know that you, as a student of this institution, are saying “no” to these hikes by writing them an email (link is here. You should address the email to Andrew Petter, the president of SFU, at sfu_pres@sfu.ca and the University secretary, who is in charge of running the Board, at iforsyth@sfu.ca. Please include us in the bcc at sfutuitionfreeze@gmail.com)

Some general things you can talk about: 

  • What you are hoping from your education at SFU 
  • How this tuition increase will negatively effect you 
  • Why you are opposed to tuition increasing. 

We also have a template for those of you who are in a rush, just swap out the bolded parts for information relative to you: 

Dear SFU Board of Governors,

My name is [NAME], I am a [YEAR] [INTERNATIONAL/DOMESTIC] [UNDERGRADUATE/GRADUATE] student at Simon Fraser University, studying [MAJOR/MINOR/SPECIALIZATION]. I am writing to inform you that I am strongly opposed to SFU administration’s proposed tuition hikes. I demand a tuition freeze for all students over the next two academic years, an end to unreasonably high international tuition fees, and that administration work with students to lobby the provincial government for more post-secondary funding so that we no longer have to bear the burden of annual tuition hikes.

As students at SFU, our education is important to us. We like studying here and this tuition increase will have a negative impact on our ability to learn. More than just our studies, the rising costs of school negatively affects our lives, mental health, and overall well being. The Lower Mainland is in the middle of an affordability crisis and students are already stretched so thin. SFU prides itself in being Canada’s top comprehensive school and yet these increases show how administration seems to not understand students’ circumstances. Many of us are working multiple jobs to be able to afford life here, and it is unreasonable to expect us to pay more for what we are already receiving.

I strongly urge you to listen to students and put an end to tuition increases.