Students are not cash cows

Tuition Freeze Now is a coalition of of students, workers, organizers, and groups from across BC who are opposed to ongoing tuition hikes that make our public Universities a place for the rich, not the working class. Students are not cash cows and universally accessible public education is the foundation of a just society. Please sign our petition (link) and express your support of our collective cause!

Read our collective demands.

Organizations across BC representing more than 100,000 students, workers and community members have endorsed our demands.

BC General Employee’s Union
SFU 350
Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group
Simon Fraser Student Society
CUPE 2278 (UBC and UNBC)
SFU International Students Association
Migrant Students United at SFU
Teaching Support Staff Union (SFU)
CUPE 4163 (UVic)
SFU Students of Carribean and African Ancestry
SFU First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Student Association

Are you a student, worker, union, or just interested and want to get involved? Email to find out more, or come to one of our upcoming events.

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